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Ghost Hunting 101: Where can I hunt for ghosts in Fort Worth?

Howl at the moon Photo by nazreth, Copyrigh SXC
Photo by nazreth Copyright SXC

Fort Worth is a hustle-bustle city with a rich history dating back to 1849, so it's no big surprise that some of those that were here before us still hang around. 

Amongst its nightlife are those that go unseen in a world between the living and the dead. Some cause mischief, while others make their presence known in subtle ways. Fort Worth is a great place to hunt for ghosts.

The locations listed here are some of the more fascinating places our ghostly friends may be found, though there are probably many places that have yet to be documented as being haunted.  

Wet Seal Co. located at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth was possibly built on top of an old Indian burial ground (and we all know what that means).

Some of the strange happenings at this location include wooden doors that open and slam shut on their own. Creepy enough, but it doesn't stop there. The store has a back door that shakes violently, people have been dragged across the room by their hair by an unseen force. A cool "wind" blows in the back room, voices are heard and there have been reports of an Indian girl sitting on the floor. All of this happens after hours when only employees are left in the store.

"Inverness" Castle is said to have been built by a young man for his bride-to-be. On the day they were to be married, the young woman was found floating in the nearby lake. Was she murdered or was this a horrible accident? No one knows for sure. A few months after her death, he married her sister.

The ghostly bride-to-be is seen running from the house at night, going across the road and to the lake where she disappears into the night.

Scott Theater is said to be haunted by the ghost of actor Ken Yandell. It appears the young actor committed suicide in the basement by hanging himself from a pipe. This restless spirit spends a lot of his time in the corrider where he died.  

If you're ever in the Fort Worth area and are planning on a ghost hunt, be sure to get the permission of the owner of the property before you show up, and hunt responsibly.

Fort Worth and North Texas are full of ghost stories, some of them are true, some are just tall tales spun from any given event. The fact remains that we have ghosts among us, moving through a state between the living and the dead, watching us.

Sort of gives you the creeps, doesn't it?


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