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Ghost hunting 101: Never hunt alone

The number one rule every paranormal investigator must follow is - Never hunt alone! This is very important and when ghost hunting we need to think back to our elementary school field trips. Remember the buddy system? Use it when going on a paranormal investigation. No one goes anywhere alone. Not event the bathroom.

The main reason for implementing the buddy system while conducting an investigation is because you can become easily injured or influenced and there will be no one around to help you. If your paranormal group plans to split into smaller groups, make sure each group has at least two people in it.

Personally, I recommend three per group. Mostly because if something happens to one investigator, there are two people to help restrain or pull him or her to safety.

There are many other hazards we face while conducting a paranormal investigation that could pose a danger to our personal safety. Here is a list of all hazards you may encounter during an investigation:

  • Physical - These hazards can be anything from a coffee table to a small hole in the ground. A physical hazard is one that could cause an injury if not seen and tripped over. It is a good idea to always keep a first aid kit handy just incase someone on your team becomes injured.
  • Negative Influence - This type of hazard is mostly experienced when you meet someone or go to a place where there is a lot of negative energy about them. This energy can contaminate others. Pay attention to mood swings and other odd behavior among everyone in the group. Negative influences can include demonic obsession.
  • Assault - This hazard is both paranormal and non-paranormal. An example of a non-paranormal hazard is if you go alone, you may be setting yourself up as a target for others to assault you. A paranormal assault is one that occurs when a ghost/spirit pushes or causes other physical harm to your body. If you have others with you, you will be able to get help against both assault hazards.
  • Wildlife - If conducting an investigation outdoors or in a building that is exposed to the outdoors, you may encounter various forms of wildlife. This includes poisonous bugs and snakes, as well as bears, wolves and other wildlife native to the area you are investigating.

Though many of these hazards can still pose a threat when conducting a paranormal investigation as a group, it is still important to never go alone. Being confronted by a threat, danger or other hazard is easier to handle when others are there to help. Plus, if you are in need of medical assistance, someone else in the group can call for help or take you to the hospital.

So, just remember, to never ever go on a paranormal investigation alone.

Happy haunting!

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