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Ghost hunting 101: Investigation safety

The field of paranormal investigations can be an exciting adventure. However, if the proper safety precautions are not taken, things can go drastically wrong and someone on your team could end up getting hurt. I am not talking about possessions, scratches or being pushed by an entity, I am referring to physical dangers that can come from walking around in the middle of the night with limited light sources.

Your personal security and safety and that of your team members, should be your number one priority when going on a paranormal investigation.

Here are some investigation safety tips that will help keep everyone in your paranormal group safe:

  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable walking shoes and pants. Avoid open-toed shoes and shorts.
  • Walkie Talkies: Of course you can communicate with cell phones, but that is only if you are in an area where there is service. Bring walkie talkies with plenty of batteries and use as a means of communicating with one another during the investigation.
  • Flashlights: Can be helpful when walking around in the dark, however if you are using infrared cameras, make sure to use only red lights so they do not interfere with the evidence captured.
  • Door stops: Prevent doors from mysteriously slamming shut and locking you in a room. If a door closes with a door stop, chances are the entity that shut the door is powerful and not because the flooring is slanted.
  • Glow sticks: Use these to help light the path back to safety. These work great when investigation outdoors, especially when going into the woods at night.
  • First-Aid Kit: This will come in handy if anyone trips, slips or falls during the investigation. With the first-aid kit you will be able to apply a bandage immediately or wrap a twisted ankle.
  • Food and water: Bring enough for the investigation, plus extra, in case you stay longer than expected or get stranded at the location.
  • Fully charged cell phone: To get in contact with someone on the outside in case of an emergency.

Other items that are not necessary, but you might find handy during an investigation include:

  • Rope: For the off chance someone falls into a hole and you need to help out.
  • Zip ties or handcuffs: For the change that someone has a breakdown or becomes possessed during the investigation and needs to be restrained for their own safety.

Hopefully these help you prepare for an upcoming paranormal investigation. Oh and one more thing. Never bring any type of weapon with you. This could cause more danger to you and your group than the paranormal could.

Happy haunting!

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