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Ghost Hunters will premiere show filmed at the Hartford Elks Lodge tonight

Paranormal activity has attracted the Ghost Hunters to the Elks Lodge in Hartford
Paranormal activity has attracted the Ghost Hunters to the Elks Lodge in

Yet again, Connecticut has caught the attention of the famous paranormal investigation group; T.A.P.S (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). They have filmed another episode of “Ghost Hunters” at the Elks Lodge in Hartford.

The building was erected in 1883 and has had a long history of ghostly going ons. Members of the Elks Club feel uneasy going into the basement or attic of the building and the lights turn off and on by themselves.

A member witnessed a glass fly off a counter top by itself and her daughter felt an unseen hand tap her on the shoulder. People have also witnessed chairs topple over on their own and all sorts of odd noises are heard at all hours of the day and night within the building.

No one knows why exactly the building is so paranormally active. Some say that there was a house fire on the foundation that the club was erected and people perished in the flames, others say that a man fell off the roof in the 1970’s.

“Ghost Hunters” has filmed several shows in or around Hartford. This includes The Mark Twain House, The Harriet Beecher Stowe home and the Old Statehouse. Tune in to the Syfy Channel tonight at 9pm to see what T.A.P.S has discovered.

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