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Ghost hunters arrested for breaking into haunted house

Three men broke into a home and told cops that they were hunting ghosts.
Three men broke into a home and told cops that they were hunting ghosts.
Photo courtesy of ABC

Three ghost hunters recently got busted in Arkansas after authorities found them in a vacant house. When questioned by deputies why they were wandering in the home in the middle of the night, the men claimed that they were out searching for ghosts, Jonesboro's ABC News affiliated reported today.

Tamerius Johnson, 19; Brooks Edwards, 18; and Anthony Milligan, 19, were arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering on Tuesday night. Officers from the Craighead County Sheriff's Department found the men in a vacant house in the 500-block of County Road 339 near Jonesboro, Arkansas. The men told deputies that they thought the home was haunted and they were hunting for ghosts.

A neighbor noticed strangers going into the abandoned house and contacted authorities. After deputies arrived, they found Johnson in the house. Edwards and Milligan were found walking down County Road 318. When the men were questioned, they said that they were just out jogging. Eventually they admitted to kicking the door in and entering the house. According to authorities, the men claimed that they heard that the home was haunted.

All three men are currently being held in the Craighead County Jail and are being held without bond. A probable cause hearing has been scheduled for later this week.

This is not the only time in recent months that criminals use ghost hunting as an excuse for crimes. Last summer, three men ended up behind bars in North Carolina after authorities found out that they were really drug-dealing entrepreneurs and were planning on setting up a hidden meth lab in the woods. When questioned by deputies why they were wandering in the wilderness late at night, one of the men claimed that they were searching for ghosts and ended up lost.

One of the men called 911 and told a Caldwell County Sheriff dispatcher that he was lost in the woods with some friends. Deputies used GPS coordinates from the man's cell phone to locate him.

Caldwell County Sheriff deputies arrived at the scene and they located Sonny Hyatt and two other men, Thomas Imler and Eric Schmidt. When asked by officers what the men were doing in the woods, one of them claimed that they were searching for spirits.

As deputies interrogated Hyatt further, he eventually confessed that he was high on methamphetamine and that he had gotten into a fight his meth-making business partners. Allegedly Hyatt told officers that he was actually setting up a meth lab in the woods. After Hyatt gave officers permission to search him and his apartment, deputies found chemicals, supplies, and a meth lab.

“You hear every excuse imaginable. These criminals would have us believe they were looking for paranormal activity in the woods at night and simply got lost. We didn't fall for that story at all,” Caldwell County Sheriff Alan Jones said in an interview.

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