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"Ghost" Guerrero gets fair deal from New York prosecutors, not haunted by record

Criminal defense lawyer Michael Marley says the boxer got a more than fair deal in taking "discon" to end gun case
Criminal defense lawyer Michael Marley says the boxer got a more than fair deal in taking "discon" to end gun case
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Robert "Ghost" Guerrero didn't cry about losing a lopsided decision to unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas on May 4.

And the Gilroy, California, resident did not need any garlic cloves (what Gilroy is primarily known for is pungent garlic) to induce weeping on Tuesday as he got a more than fair deal from prosecutors in Queens, New York, on his criminal possession of a weapon case.

Coincidentally, while Guerreo was pleading guilty to Disorderly Conduct (a violation in New York, not a criminal charge) and agreeing to pay a court mandated surcharge and do 50 hours of community service back home, I was in a nearby courtroom where I saw a young lady get the same disposition on a CPW case.

Give DA Robert Brown's office credit for the sensible resolution to Guerrero's matter, where he was only caught at the airport when he leaving our state. No one ever suggested the fighter took a gun into a crowded nightclub or brandished his weapon anywhere. Heck, the boxer's gun even had no ammo in it.

The fighter himself "declared" the gun to airline workers and told them it was in a locked box.

Next thing, "Ghost" knew he was wearing new jewelry a/k/a handcuffs and was whisked off to Central Booking in Kew Gardens, where the food is both hallal and terrible at the same time. (Trust me, it's not plush like the MGM Grand.0

"Ignorance of the law" is really no excuse but it's unfair to expect lay people such as the fighte rto know the gun laws wherever he travels. Remember, Guerrero was only in the city to hype the Mayweather match.

But, given how much more stringernt gun laws are fast becoming, the best bet for any traveler in these 50 states is: 1, don't assume a license to carry in your home state means diddly when you visit another state and 2, when in doubt, don't stuff a weapon in your suitcase or other baggage.

We call what Guerrero got "discons and they come under New York Penal Law 240.30. Most often, it's a way for the DA to dump a case which is not so serious without dismissing the charges altogether.

All in all, a winning deal for Guerrero as opposed to getting tagged with a misdeamnor or, even worse, a felony record.

Such a criminal past could haunt "Ghost" worse than Mayweather. The fight only lasted 12 rounds.

In New York, a criminal record is more or less permanent since, unlike other jurisdictions, New York does not permit people to get their record "expunged."




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