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'Ghost fire' can't be found; smoke being smelled all over

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There is a ghost fire somewhere in Oklahoma, but it can't be found. Residents all over the Greater Oklahoma City Metro Area and even farther away are smelling smoke. According to an April 11 report by KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City, fire departments across the area have gotten reports of smoke, but the cause of the 'ghost fire' is still unknown.

The news desk of KWTV Channel 9 started getting calls from residents in the area smelling smoke around 12:20 a.m., Friday morning. As of 3:00 a.m., the source of the smoke was still unknown. Oklahoma residents are being told it could be a fire in Avant, in Osage County. Avant is about 30 miles north of Tulsa. Tulsa is about two hours northeast of Oklahoma City.

That explanation is not making any sense to some. Comments on KKWTV Channel 9's Facebook page are not believing that explanation. One Facebook user asked how wind blowing east could bring smoke southwest. Another Facebook user commented about how there wasn't any wind and asked how it could be coming in from Tulsa.

Facebook users are also commenting about how the smoke smell is physically effecting them. Many have complained of burning eyes and throats as well as coughing and suffering from headaches. Others are stating how their dogs are their dogs are acting “weird.”

Many Facebook users have contacted their local police and fire departments. They are getting little information as well. One Facebook user stated that they had been told it was from a fire in Luther that had been extinguished earlier.

"What's with all the smoke in OKC?" Thunder56 asked on Twitter late Thursday night. "It doesn't smell like a grass fire."

In a telephone interview, Martha Winston, a resident of Warr Acres stated that she'd “never smelled smoke like this.” She is worried that it “isn't smoke, but a fume instead.” Winston said that her dog woke her up about one a.m. That was when she smelled the smoke.

There is very little information about the smoke or its cause. That is causing a lot of concern for the residents of the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area. With the slight eastern wind, it seems unlikely the smoke would be in the Oklahoma City area and areas further south.



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