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Ghost caught on camera running through fans at crowded soccer stadium

Spectators watching a soccer game on television noticed a strange figure running through the fans at a crowded stadium recently. The footage was broadcasted by Fox Sports from the Hernando Siles Stadium in Bolivia, the Huffington Post reported today.

A ghostly figure was filmed running through fans at a soccer stadium
Photo courtesy of Fox Sports

The footage was captured last Thursday at the Hernando Siles Stadium during a soccer match between The Strongest and Defensor football clubs. In the video, a shadowy figure can be seen running through one of the seating rows at the crowded stadium. The figure seems to be unnoticed by fans. At one point the figure appears to pass through a barrier.

Most people that watch the video believe that the figure is a ghost that haunts the stadium. Others believe that the figure is some type of a hoax or possibly an optical illusion created by the lens of the camera.

Ghosts seem to like to haunt sporting events. Last summer, at the playing field of the College World Series baseball tournament in Omaha, Nebraska, ghosts were to blame when players tripped on the field while attempting to catch a fly ball

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Louisiana State University Tigers faced off in the College World Series last June. During the game, three UNC outfielders attempted to field a foul ball and right before colliding, two of them seemed to trip over thin air. The spectacular event was captured on video with two different angles.

What do you think the black shadowy figure is? Is it a hoax? Is it an optical illusion? Could it actually be a ghost trying to get someone's attention? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

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