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Ghost Bear Reported in Ferry County Woods in 1922

Albino bear or the judge
Albino bear or the judge
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There has been tales of the Albino Bigfoot in the Ferry County Woods in Oregon for many years. Was the allusive "albino bear" seen lurking in the wooded area back in 1922 actually an albino Sasquatch?

A determined hunt for the great ghost bear that made his mysterious appearance in Ferry County was ordered by Glenn R. Bach, United States predatory animal inspector in charge of the state and federal hunters.

The ghost bear, described by a person who saw it, stated it was a huge white animal. It was believed to be the size of a pony. It was also believed to be a grizzly that, through some freak of nature never explained by naturalists, was born without color.

The ghost bear was first seen by I. Warden, a sheep grower on Twenty-one Mile Creek between Keller and Republic. Other sheep men and settlers in the wild, rough country that stretches northward to the Canadian border also saw the pure white bruin, but all were so startled they failed to shoot him.

In fact, according to report from around Republic, the first person who claimed they saw a big white bear in the brush were brutally accused of have partaken too heavily of a certain kind of dew that ferments on the inside of jugs when said jugs are left out in the wood under the right kind of moon. "Moon", it was stated was thought to have had much to do with the original story of the ghost bear.

But the ghost bear had been seen repeatedly. So word of the strange animal was sent to Bach at Olympia and he immediately ordered Hugh McShane, state hunter, who is in Ferry County to get the albino bruin. Bach states it is not at all probable that a white grizzly bear was running wild in Ferry County.

There have been very rare cases of albino grizzly bears, say Dr Bach. ”The scientists and naturalist t are very much interested and for that reason I am anxious to get this fellow. We feel sure that he is a grizzly but we will not be able to tell until we examine him.

What do you believe? Ghost bear? Albino Grizzly? Of an early report of an Albino Bigfoot? Are his descendants still roaming about the Ferry County Woods?

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