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Ghost at soccer game video goes viral: Video captures eerie ghost in Bolivia

Out of nowhere the camera televising a soccer game catches a ghost, or what some are calling a shadow person, running through the stadium seats. The soccer stadium in Bolivia seems to have a resident that actually passes through walls and even people, as seen on the above video. This video has gone viral today for very good reason, according to International Business Times on April 24.

A ghost was caught on video at a soccer match has gone viral today. This is as clear as day, it is a very eerie sight!
YouTube/ Fox News

The video shows the shadow of what appears to be a dark mass in the shape of a man running along at an amazing speeds through the stadium seating. This spirit passes through anything that gets in its way without slowing down or missing a step. This entity did not appear to be noticed by anyone sitting in the stands, even when it passed right through them, but the camera picked it up.

The eerie video was captured at Bolivia’s Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz during a football game on Thursday night. This video conjured up all types of explanations from critics and ghost believers alike. People have come forth to say that this is not the first time this ghost figure has been seen at this stadium. This ghost has been seen altering the direction of the ball over the goal post in the past. reports that the spectators got spooked after seeing the ghost. This website suggests that it could be a soccer player just “double exposed on the camera.” It does appear to be a man, but still the movements are just too perfect. Check out the video above and see what you think.

The ghost video also has its share of comical theories attached to it like the rumor that this is the country’s dead president giving the team a helping hand. Some jokingly say that the ghost is President Hugo Chaves who has come back from the dead to help with the game. He shows up when a goal is much-needed in a match against their rival Columbia.

The ghost is fast, but the movements of this shadow spirit are far from fluid, they are more mechanically-looking than those of a person. The hands and legs seem to swing in unison and they don’t appear to miss a beat. It appears to go through any obstacle that it comes across like walls, barricades and even people.

How would you like to be sitting at a sporting event and have a ghost go right through you? There must be a breeze or some type of electrically charged feeling that goes along with a ghost passing through you like a tunnel!

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