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‘Ghost Adventures’ season 9 finale: Was this show renewed or cancelled?

Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures
Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The season 9 finale of “Ghost Adventures” aired on the Travel Channel Saturday night. The episode featured the Old Licking Jail in Newark, Ohio. The paranormal investigators set out to try and piece together evidence to identify who exactly was haunting the jail. One spirit was said to of actually followed a young girl home. Fans have been fretting about the finale airing so soon but don’t get too discouraged! It was renewed and will be back with all new investigations this fall!

What went down in tonight's big finale? The spirit that followed the girl home was caught saying “Hey Misty” on an EPV, electronic voice phenomena recording. Zak, Aaron and Nick discovered that whatever was present was draining their fully charged camcorder batteries. Just prior to the third battery being drained, a scary noise was heard through the boom microphone and an unexplained male voice was faintly heard. Another paranormal investigator, who used to be a police officer, said the voice sounded very much like one he has heard during another investigation.

Zak and Aaron did tons of live tweeting with fans during the finale. During this time Zak tweeted an update to let everyone know that since their investigation, when they asked the spirits to leave Misty and her family alone, all has been normal in their household. Zak also answered a fan’s question indicating that nothing bad followed him home from this location.

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff make up the “Ghost Adventures” crew and have been hunting the afterlife for many years. To date the show has been a huge success. The success and demand for more investigations allowed the show to be renewed for season 10. Bagans took to his Twitter earlier this week and throughout tonight’s finale to announce season 10 would be airing this fall! Nick Groff tweeted, “Thank you everyone for watching Season 9 of Ghost Adventures! Season 10 coming soon in the fall!”

Season 10 has already started filming! The guys were in Oklahoma City this past week investigating an incredibly scary location. The exact location of the lockdown has not yet been released. A premiere date for season 10 has also not been indicated, however, the trio have indicated it will just be a few months away! In the meantime fans can catch old showings of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel.