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Ghost Adventures airs emotional episode from East Granby

Normally, when I watch "Ghost Adventures", I expect to see a man with too much gel in his hair screaming obscenities into the darkness for an hour. But to the surprise of me and I’m sure many other Ghost Adventures viewers, we were shocked to see a rather emotional episode that took place in Connecticut’s own East Granby.

The episode was about the tragic story of the Galka family and their daughter Melissa that was taken too soon. Melissa passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash in September of 2004, since then, her parents Gary and Cindy have experienced many instances of ADCs or after death communications from her.

They would smell her perfume in the garage, feel a disembodied presence kiss their forehead, hear their names being called and even felt someone sit on the bed with them. Melissa’s ADCs have given her family a sense of closure and peace. Brought on by his communications with Melissa, Gary an inventor who owns D.A.S. Distribution in East Granby, began developing instruments such as the Mel Meter (which measures electromagnetic activity) and the SP7 Spirit Box, which is said to record conversations with entities over high frequencies.

Gary sells the devices on and 1/3 of the profits go to go to grieving support groups, such as Mary’s Place: A Center for Grieving Children in Windsor, The Cove Center for Grieving Children in Wallingford and Compassionate Friends of Central Connecticut. The Ghost Adventures episode was filmed on Valentine’s Day, which would have been Melissa’s 25th birthday.

They captured Mellissa’s voice on the spirit box saying; “hi dad” and “miss you all”. I’m proud of the Ghost Adventures guys for airing an episode like this. Gary did not want to use the show to advertise his equipment but to show support for all those out there who grieve.

Melissa doesn’t visit as much as she used to, her once a week appearances have into twice a year visits, at Christmas and on her birthday. One thing if or certain though, Melissa is still alive in the hearts and memories of her friend and family.


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