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Ghadiali, founder and VP of Product Development of OUYA, leave the company

Muffi Ghadiali, co-founder and VP of Product Development of OUYA, has left the company
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On Wednesday, it was leaked that Muffi Ghadiali, co-founder and VP of Product Development of OUYA, has decided to leave the Kickstarter startup.

Ghadiali had originally joined with CEO Julie Uhrman, who had come up with the original idea for an Android-based gaming console that would bring cheaper console gaming to consumers in 2012. At OUYA, Ghadiali was instrumental in getting the startup off of its feet; he was involved in projects including product design of the hardware, mechanical and electrical engineering, and firmware development.

OUYA was originally conceived as an alternative to conventional console gaming, such as the XBox and Play Station. The device, which only costs $100, runs on Android and allows developers to program games, similar to mobile apps, for the console.

A potential reason for Ghadiali's quitting is perhaps OUYA's subpar performance. For its Kickstarter project, OUYA had originally asked for only $950,000, but over 63,000 backers pitched in nearly $8.6 million dollars. However, in the first month following its release, one of its biggest titles, Towerfall, had only sold 2,000 copies.

Do you think Ghadiali was abandoning a sinking ship? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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