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gfJules is back in production and ready for purchase

All purpose flour is now ready for shipping
All purpose flour is now ready for shipping

The saga of the rebuilding/rebranding of gfJules has finally taken a turn for the positive with the announcement that their all-purpose flour is in packaging and ready for purchase. For those of you who have gone without during the transition, this should be welcome news. Although the new website is still a work in progress, the new logo is up (featuring Jules' signature head band), a blog and recipes have been added, and now you can buy direct from the site.

Jules herself has traveled to and from the new production facility to ensure her products are manufactured with allergen protocols in place. Right now, the packaging is temporary and not very attractive, but the flour inside is what people know, love and trust. The flour is being sold in a four pound box with two, two pound bags inside. The mixes should be available again soon, but until then, Jules has recipes for similar homemade versions of each of the mixes on her blog.

Of course when Jules reformulates, the goal is to produce a higher quality product, so here are the highlights:

  • All products are still processed in a facility free of the Top 8 food allergens
  • All-purpose flour is free of GMOs (even the corn). Confirmation of this has been received from each supplier for every batch of ingredients.
  • Shelf life has increased to 18 months, which means if you buy flour now; it will still be good in December 2015.
  • Packaging is now in two individual bags, which allows users to store the flour separately.
  • Shipping cost for one four pound box across the county is $15, which can seem like a lot, but if you add another four pound box to your order it only increases the shipping costs by three dollars. Since the shelf life is now 18 months, why not stock up.

Jules has this to say about the support she has received from the gluten-free community, "I honestly cannot thank you enough for your support through this trying transition. I’m eager to be on the other side with nothing but positives ahead. Without your help, my uphill battle would have been far steeper. Thank you so much for sharing the news of my transition, for sending love and well-wishes, and for all you do every day as my friend. Our community is truly amazing because of people like you."

Now, hurry up and place an order!

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