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getTV is a recent station created for classic movie enthusiasts

Well TCM isn't the only place where TV viewers can get classic movies, Sony Pictures Entertainment created a recent station called, getTV, a place where the Golden Age of Cinema has a home. The station had launched in early February.

If you don't know if you have a channel or want to get the channel, getTV has a page where it tells you who has it, and if you don't you can contact them, "Get the Channel."

What is the channel exactly? According to their about page, it's a network that brings classic movies you love to your own living room. This is great news because many people enjoy the classics, and there aren't too many channels that air them.

From looking at today's schedule, Thurs. 24, they are airing such films as "The Key," "The Picnic," "The Dark Past," and other classics during the day. It also looks like if you miss the movie, they re-air it at a later time or day. That's just from looking at the schedule, also when looking at the schedule, it seems that they have a lot of variety. In one day in May, "Dr. Strangelove," will be airing, and an almost lesser known 50s Bogart film, "Sirocco."

They do an "Icon of the Week," which this week's icon is none other than Mr. Spencer Tracy. Other icons that have been "Icon of the Week," are Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Steve McQueen, Anne Miller, and others. When you're on your coffee-break check out their trivia page too.

If you have the channel, please share your views on it!

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