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getTV airing a three movie Cary Grant marathon in July

Cary Grant is getTV's Friday Icon on July 18, which is great for his many fans. The classic movie channel will be airing three of Grant's movies, this will starting at 7 p.m. Grant is one of the most beloved classic actors that generations just can't get enough of, so it's no wonder why he's taking over getTV for a few hours!

The following Cary Grant movies that will be airing are:

"The Talk of the Town" (1942)

"The Talk of the Town," is airing at 7 p.m, it's about comedy about a Supreme Court candidate that is being persuaded to help a fugitive, who has been framed for a deadly arson. Jean Arthur, Ronald Colman, and Glenda Farrell also starred with Cary Grant in this 40s comedy. It was George Stevens who directed the movie.

"Once Upon A Time" (1944)

The next movie to air at 9:40 p.m. is "Once Upon A Time." That movie is about a shady Broadway producer, who seeks fame and fortune in a 9 year old boy's dancing caterpillar. Janet Blair, James Gleason, and Ted Donaldson also starred with Grant in this 40s fantasy comedy. On a personal note, I haven't seen this movie nor have heard of it!

"Walk, Don't Run" (1966)

The movie to air is at 11:40, the movie is "Walk, Don't Run." The movie is about a middle-aged electronics expert in Tokyo during the Olympics. He (Cary Grant) has to share an apartment with a young woman because his hotel suite is unavailable. Jim Hutton, John Standing, Samantha Eggar, and Charles Walters starred in this romantic comedy with Grant.

So once again this will be on getTV starting at 7 p.m. ET. Cary Grant fans will not want to miss this three movie marathon! Check out getTV's schedule that day and other other day to see when your favorite classic movies are on!

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