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Getting your twins to sleep at the same time

Having twins makes everything twice as busy. One of the hardest things is getting a young baby to sleep. If you have twins they could be sleeping and eating at different times. This gives the parents a lot less sleep. Here are some ideas to help get your twins on the same sleep schedule.

Getting your twin to sleep at the same time
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Schedule/Routine-Setting a set bedtime and routine can help teach your twins to relax for bed. Six –Eight week old babies can start a sleeping routine. Giving a warm bath can help relax them, bedtime story, cuddle time, rubbing their backs, and singing. Make a set of activities that you do every night before bed this will help your twins learn that this means it’s time to go to sleep.

Swaddling- Young babies can have a hard time feeling comfortable in the openness of the crib. They have spent 9 mouths all cuddled in the womb nice warm and swaddled. Swaddling the baby can help them feel safe and help them relax to stay to sleep. There are now sleep bag that you can use to swaddle your baby in a safer way.

Feedings- When one baby wakes up to eat, wake up the other one to eat as well. Try getting them on the same feeding schedule so that they are up at the same time to eat will help them also sleep at the same time. If you don’t wake them both up at the same time then you might be getting up and down all night feeding them both.

Developmental - Developmental stages of twins depends on if they are identical or fraternal. Identical twins will be more likely to do things, like sleeping through the night, at the same age. Fraternal twins will be more independent in their development. If one is able to sleep through the night then you may move them into another room so that they aren’t woken up by the other one who isn’t there yet.

Like teaching your babies any other skill you need to be patient and consistent.This is just a stage it will pass, hang in there.Twins are at least twice the work of one, having them on the same schedule, where they are eating and sleeping at the same time, will give you more down time day and night. Remember it is okay to ask for help. Have someone watch your babies so that you can get some sleep. You are no good to anyone if you are overly tired. Baby Center “Helping twins sleep at the same time” gives some more ideas on how to get your twins to sleep at the same time.

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