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Getting your house ready to sell

You have decided to move - now what? Putting your house on the market is just that - you need to market your house so it stands out above the rest. You want potential buyers to imagine your house as their home. Homes need to have an emotional attraction just as much as a functional purpose.

Homes Available, Jeffrey Mangus, Broker of Record
Homes Available, Jeffrey Mangus, Broker of Record
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Preparing your home makes all the difference!
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So begins the process of home staging. Your house needs to be a canvas so buyers can picture themselves living in your house. They need to see and feel how buying your house can enhance their lives. Don't leave rooms completely empty - a bedroom should look like a bedroom and a home office should look like a home office.

Even though a professional home stager can bring out your home's potential, there are affordable steps you can take first to make your home more appealing:

  • De-clutter! Buyers need to see your available space. Rent a storage space for extra items while your home is on the market. This includes personal photos and mementos. Buyers want to see themselves in the home.
  • Fix it!! You don't want to try to sell a house with a ready-made to do list. The words "move-in ready" go a long way!
  • Curb appeal - This includes landscaping, flowers, mowing, and painting. Potential buyers will keep driving if the exterior is not inviting and looks run down.
  • Pricing - An overpriced home will not sell. Your agent will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis which compares your home's value against similar homes in your neighborhood.
  • Odor - This is probably the biggest complaint of potential buyers. You may have become immune to your home's odors, but buyers will scramble towards the exit! If you are unsure, hire a cleaning service before showing the home and boarding pets is not a bad idea, either.

Visit open houses in your area. They are your competition! Then come back and look at your house through a buyer's eyes. If you wouldn't buy your house in the condition it's in, then who will?

A little preparedness will go a long way! Your agent will have additional tips on marketing your home including open houses, advertising, social media, staging, and pricing - all to bring potential buyers flocking to you!

"Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration." Charles Dickens

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