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Getting Your Garden Ready For The Fall

Morning Glory Vine
Morning Glory Vine
Kim Day

After Labor Day, it is time to start thinking about your Fall garden. Most flowers remain in good shape up until October 31st. However, impatiens start to wither and do not look as good as they did. It is also the time to get Mums at your local garden center. Mums come in a variety of colors (maroon, yellow, pumpkin colored, pink etc.) and they make a nice addition to any garden. They can also be tucked in with other flowers in the garden to enhance your Fall garden.

Soon the leaves will fall of the trees and bushes and it will be time to rake your yard. Having a good rake and sturdy large paper bags from Ace Hardware makes raking a lot easier to do. The colors of the trees and bushes turn gold and orange colored in the Fall. It is Harvest time and they put on quite a display of vibrant color which blends in well with one's annuals in their garden.

The morning glory vine becomes beautiful in the Fall with its display of dark purple flowers on large green foliage. These vines look great climbing on a garage or fence.

Fall is also great time to decorate the yard with Fall decorations and ornaments. It can be a lot of fun to spruce up your garden and add them to accent your garden full of flowers.

Taking photos of your Fall garden after pruning and cleaning it up and decorating it provides hours of enjoyment as one looks back from year to year. Red geraniums look great on a front step with pumpkins and mums on the steps. One can get creative in making their back yard or front yard landscape look beautiful.