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Getting to Work On-Time - An Important Work Ethic

Late for Work

It seems there are employees in today’s market that think getting to work on time is not/should not be an issue. More and more workers in the workplace are getting to work late more times than not. If you want to keep your job, it is absolutely imperative to arrive at work on time. Punctuality is one of the most important work ethics there is.

Not only should you get in the habit of getting to work on time as it is considered a good work ethic to be prompt, but the current job market will hurt you if you have this bad habit. There are thousands of people out of work who are willing and able to get to work on time. They would love to be in your shoes.

If you are late once in a while, it is probably not a big deal as long as you have a good reason. Your manager may or may not document the tardy, depending on the circumstance. But, if you are late 3 out of 5 days a week, that is a problem. The manager will not like it and neither will your co-workers. Remember, they are getting to work on time and will expect you to do so as well.

If you can’t get to work on time, consider re-setting your alarm clock so you can get up earlier. If you are typically 30 minutes late to work, re-set your clock for 45 minutes earlier. Make adjustments so that you can get to work on time.

Getting to your job on time isn't something you should be trying to do or expect to be rewarded for-it's something you just do because it's your job. Losing your job because of excessive tardies and/or absences shows immaturity and a lack of respect for your employer.

Be ethical and be on time.

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