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Getting to sleep at night linked to where you sit in your office

For get hot toddy’s, warm milk or counting sheep, the real down to earth secret for getting a good night’s rest has to do with where you sit in your office. Sleep deprived employees stuck in windowless rooms or with very little exposure to outdoor sunlight get less sleep than do their fellow employees who sit by a window.

Window-less workers lose forty-five minutes each night Your work environment is crucial to your health. Taking home stress is bad enough, bad moods and lack of focus can have a serious impact on your health depending on your type of job. Research shows your internal clock knows the difference between real and artificial light. The health benefits from the sun include regulating your sleep. Scientists at the University of Illinois, Northwestern University of Chicago and the Hwa-Hsia Institute of Technology in Taiwan published their research in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and regular poor sleep is already known to be linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes because it adequate sunlight governs your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

Your body’s natural balance does require sunlight Volunteers for the study even wore hi-tech watches that would time the actual sunlight exposure of each participant. The watches were worn around-the-clock to simply measure each individuals actual sunlight exposure activity and their sleeping/wake times. The results of the study revealed that sunlight exposure improved sleep quality and participants reported less nighttime sleep disturbances. Some participants after the study was over began exercising because they found sunlight exposure improved their healthy state-of-being and improved their quality of sleep so much.

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