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Getting to know University of Minnesota bars

The University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus is one of the country's largest, both in size and student body. As a consequence, the University area in Southeast Minneapolis has a huge number and variety of hangouts for the thousands of 21-plus students, alumni, and Gopher fans that call this area home. This all makes for a unique and enjoyable bar scene.

The three main bar-clusters in the University area are Dinkytown, Stadium Village, and the Seven Corners area. On game days, especially when Gopher games are on campus, Stadium Village is your best bet to pregame, watch the game, or celebrate after a victory. Stub & Herbs, Sally's, and Big Ten are the primary bars in this area, and they all offer great game day atmosphere.

Dinkytown is the great U of M student fallback any night of the week. The Dinkytown area in SE Minneapolis is home to the greatest numbers of students in the city, and has the best overall bar scene for students and recent grads age 21-25. Burrito Loco, The Library, and Blarney's pub are the major attractions both weekday and weekend nights. A slightly older set can be found at the Kitty Cat Klub. Downtime, located near frat row and on the edge of DInkytown, has a decent weekend crowd and some worthwhile midweek specials.

Seven Corners, and the bars that make up those intersection corners, is another awesome U of M tradition. Preston's Urban Pub, formerly Sgt. Preston's, is famous for their fishbowl drinks (huge containers of mixed drinks meant for sharing), as well as it's famous summertime outdoor atmosphere. Bullwinkle's, Corner Bar, and Town Hall Brewery round out the traditional Seven Corners night-stops, and Preston's reigns as one of the best places to celebrate a 21st birthday, the end of finals, or a Twins win on a cool summer night in Minneapolis.

These and other traditional University of Minnesota bars, make for an amazing college culture that runs through all of Southeast Minneapolis. In the following weeks and months, I will detail the trends, the bars, the specials, and the history of these Minneapolis night spots, as well as provide answers to the many questions residents and visitors may have about the college bar scene in Minneapolis.