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Getting to know thy self

 Getting to Know Thy Self

When I look around at so many things I see, feel, hear, sense, taste, know and acknowledge the energies on many levels. This I call “Knowing Thy Self “. It is taking a moment of time and truly allowing yourself to just be. When I say this sit down, lay down, stand up what ever way you are comfortable and feel. Give yourself the time to acknowledge who you are as a physical being. Bring your attention to your body and recognize your body. This is your physical body get to know it. It will be okay… your body will not reject you; it will not turn and walk away from you. Your body is the most precious thing that you have right now and it is all you. You are the only one who can walk away from your own body, remember it will always be there for you. Well of course because you are attached to it. But think about it, your body loves you, when was the last time you actually loved your body back? It is more than that. It is acknowledging your body in a whole new light. Get to “Know Thy Self” truly….

 Let’s try this, Go to your stomach and ask your stomach how it is doing. Okay now let’s take a piece of food like an apple. This can be done with anything that you would normally eat. Now picture in your mind your stomach and see the apple. ask your stomach, do you like this apple? Take the first thing your stomach gives to you. It will either eat the apple or you will see the apple being thrown away or flying out of your stomach. How cool is that? If your stomach accepts the apple then you know the apple is something that is good for your body and that your stomach will be very happy eating it. This then gives to the rest of your body. Now if the stomach throws the apple away this then allows you to know your body is not ready for that apple or it is not what you need.

This is an exercise that you can do with anything that you eat or place into your body. Remember the stomach will never lie to you.

Now as you are sitting there getting to know thy self, just relax and visit your hands and fingers. Really take the time to relax and feel each finger individual finger. Starting with your thumb and moving around to your pinky. Each finger is a separate part of you that has its own function, which then works together to make the whole. How do your fingers feel? Moving up higher to your hands, how does your hands feel. This is a wonderful relaxing meditation and way for you to get to know thy self.

Other ways of Knowing Thy Self is to relax and permit yourself to just feel all that is going on around you, and then select one sense at a time and enjoy that which you are picking up. Become the homing device that absorbs energies and where it is coming towards you and in which way.

Many times I will go into a store and just stand for a few minutes and allow my senses to do the work before me. To allow myself to be the store but not of the store. I can feel the energies of the workers, I can hear the humming of the energy around me to know what the main mood of individuals who are shopping or working behind the counters are in. Then I start to open myself to really see the energies that are all around the store. You would be amazed at the electrical currents of energies that radiate everywhere you look. Colors of blue, green, gold, pink and more, sending out their own vibrations throughout the whole store, for each individual to collect and move through as they go about their shopping.

The store then informs me of what direction I should take. Do I stay and take my time or go ahead and get what I need and move out as quickly as possible. I love doing this in book stores. As this energy is always humming with so much activity that it can drive someone like me crazy if I do not know what I am walking into. It is like when I am going to a group gathering. Upon entering the doorway of the place I am to be working, I am assaulted with multi charged levels of energies, the excitement, and anxiety, sometimes fear of the unknown of those waiting for me and then that of those who are in spirit who are excited for me to get going. This is why when I do these gatherings I like to arrive just a few moments before the scheduled time and then start right away.

So when you are moving about your life and finding yourself wanting to understand what in the world is going on, “why am I feeling this way, I cannot stand to be around other people, I feel drained after I am in a group of people, etc”….Take that time to give to yourself to know the energies that are around you, that are waiting for you. Then you will be able to adjust much better than before. Get to “Know Thy Self” then you shall always know everything that is around you at all times, you shall know your whole body and that which it needs as we step into this electrifying energy that is with us.

In today’s energy everyone is looking for answers all around them, take the time to allow your own body to give you the answers you seek. This is one of the first steps in your work whether you want to be or are a practicing medium, psychic, healer, a practitioner of any modality or someone who just wants to understand more about their own self. A discovering adventure that will allow you to begin the journey within.. This so vital for the times we are living.

Open yourself up to begin anew this journey you are taking here on Mother Earth. Knowing Thy Self in all ways.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata

 All Rights Reserved 2010© Adele Linsalata, Angelic Wise Ones



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