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Getting to know Ke$ha

Teenage boys think she’s hot, teenage girls want to be just like her, parents do not seem to know or care, “Yeah, whatever, here’s some money for that Ke$ha CD. Now go to your room to listen to it, shut up and leave me alone.”

Sometimes parents just do not care, in the least bit, what their kids are watching and listening to. Some parents do not know because keeping up with pop-culture is very difficult; consider just the internet, how do you keep up with fifty seven billions websites?

Also, the modus operandi of the media is to promote a young, good looking, clean cut actor, singer, etc. make an impression upon the youth and parents see a young, good looking, clean cut actor, singer, etc. Yet, once the kids are into it just give it a couple of years and that young, good looking, clean cut actor, singer, etc. turns into a drugged out, alcoholic pervert. By now, the kids are hooked and the parent have not kept up with the latest so, what’s the harm?

Many daytime TV talk shows serve such a purpose (Oprah Winfrey was infamous for this). They take drugged out, alcoholic perverts clean them up, actually dress them decently, have a nice little chat with them and stay at home moms think, “Oh well, he/she is just so wonderful” yet, in reality, they are putting up a socially acceptable front to get parents to think that all is well.

Enter Ke$ha who is one of the most recent to fit the description above. She is often played down from serious consideration (serious meaning to actually delve into that which she represents) by the media such as referring to her as “the party girl,” “The wacky singer,” “The eccentric star,” the slightly more pointed, “The outrageous pop star” and the dismissive, “OK Ke$ha, whatever you say.”

Well, in this case, the “whatever you say” was that she had sex with a ghost—and this is the least of it.

The Ryan Seacrest site notes the following in What Odd Topics Does Ke$ha Sing About On Her New Record?:

she doesn’t exactly write about typical things like a bad breakup or a first kiss, so we wondered what does inspire these crazy topics that she’ll tackle on the new record…

Well, Ke$ha filled them in:

There are so many weird topics on this record from having sexy time with a ghost to getting hypnotized and going into past lives. I just really wanted the theme of this record to be the magic of life.

Thus, when she refers to magic it is not as in “oh, how wonderfully magical life is!” but actual witchcraft magick whereby she undergoes occult rituals. The Seacrest article concludes:

guess nothing defines the magic of life like getting it on with a ghost!

But that is just considered a quirk, if anything, by the likes of the media who live to promote such stuff. In any reasonably sane society, personages such as Ke$ha would not be stars but would be in a padded room, in a stray jacked, undergoing exorcism.

The Sun reported further with Ke$ha: I've had sex with a ghost and refers to, “an erotic paranormal experience” with Ke$ha noting:

this song called Supernatural. It's about experiences with the supernatural ... but in a sexy way ... I had a couple experiences with the supernatural ... I don't know his name! He was a ghost! I'm very open to it [ellipses in original].

“I'm very open to it” is the language of the litigious nature of demonic possession; many of us can be un-wantingly and un-wittingly influenced by demons but those who seek them are placing a sing on their foreheads that states, “Come in, we’re open!” They invited demons to possess them by literally being “open to it.”

Not surprisingly, Katy Perry (about whom you can learn here) also wrote a song titled E.T. (which we dissected here) the main lyric, the chorus, to which is “supernatural” and which is also about having sex with an alien/devil.

The Ke$ha song states, in part:

When you take my body to the stars, I believe it [astral projection]…

Come, take me by the hand [possession via invitation]…

Cause you know tonight, we're gonna wake the dead…

Come, take me in the night, I feel it in my blood, want the darker side…

Poison me with love, I'll bring you back to life [occult death and resurrection; from darkness to luciferic enlightenment]…

Boy this love is supernatural, can you feel it?

The Kary Perry song states, in part:

You're so hypnotizing, could you be the devil? Could you be an angel? [the video shows an extra terrestrial alien transmogrifying into a demonic looking human who falls to Earth as did satan]…

Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing [astral projection]…

They say be afraid, you're not like the others, futuristic lover, different DNA, they don't understand you

You're from a whole other world, a different dimension, you open my eyes, and I'm ready to go, lead me into the light [from darkness to luciferic enlightenment]…

Fill me with your poison…Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction

Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign, it's supernatural, extraterrestrial…

Every move is magic…For you I'll risk it all…

Not the similarities, both even mentioning being poisoned by this being, removed from their bodies, being enlightened (actually, endarkened). But they are not the only ones to write of similar experiences.

Consider the song titled Supernatural by Daughtry:

…It's taking over me, I feel so supernatural, and I'm pulled the other way, it's more than I can take, and I'm losing hold of everything…

But all that I believe in, is keeping me from seeing too far, throwing out the questions, waiting for the right reply, looking for the answers, tell me will it be tonight [seeking information from the other side?…

Through the atmosphere I'm seeing, glimpses of the past I'm leaving [astral projection]…Feel so supernatural

Also, the song Supernatural by Ciara:

And it's got me scared, I can feel you touchin' me, even when you're not here…

Then I look around and see, there's nobody here but me, and I know I'm not crazy…

When you touch me, when you kiss me, Supernatural…

When we make love, I'm so in love, Supernatural…

Squeeze me 'til I can barely breathe, I'll succumb to your will, ooh, I feel you just like the wind, as you watch over me…

In short, these women are dealing with what has been termed an incubus which is a demon in male form who is said to fornicate with women at night and, along with the female shaped counterpart, the succubus, are thought to be responsible for sleep paralysis.

Consider this from E. R. Chamberlin’s book The Bad Popes:

William of Malmesbury tells of how a certain Lucanius, “citizen of this place---youthful, rich and of senatorial rank,” in a drunken frolic placed his wedding ring of the finger of a statue of Venus found himself embraced that night by the goddess herself. “Take me—since you wedded me today” [the event is dated to Roman times]

It is also noted that “album Warrior is inspired by a spiritual quest she went on to find a new sound.” In other words, she made a pact with the devil and he granted her (temporary) riches, success and fame.

Ke$ha reiterated:

The theme of this record is magic. I went on a spirit journey by myself…just went on this crazy spirit quest. I got hypnotized, and I just really wanted this record to be really positive, really raw, really vulnerable and about the magic of life.

And what was the outcome of her spiritual quest? What is the message of her “really positive” albums?

All you have to do is watch her videos, read her lyrics, see her photos and the tale is told: worship satan, have irresponsible unmarried sex with many sexual partners de jour (including demons), get high and drunk…oh, and drink your own urine.

The Sun also reported, Ke$ha: I have lots of sex buddies all over the world:

she doesn't have time for a relationship but gets her sexual needs from a variety of men, who she meets up with when she travels the globe.

That’s right parents, this is your little girl’s heroine (or, is it heroin?).

Speaking of parents, what about Ke$ha’s, they must be pulling their hair out and hiding away in shame of her. Actually, they are rakin in the filthy lucre and, well, as noted by The Sun, Ke$ha: I wrote a song about my vagina... with my mum:

her track Gold Trans Am – from the deluxe edition of latest album Warrior – initially started out as an ode to her beloved car. However, Ke$ha and her mother Pebe turned it into an homage to the singer’s genitals…

“…like all great pop it became a metaphor for something else - my p****”…

she admits the nature of their mother-daughter relationship would be considered weird by the conventional masses. She told Q mag: “We write songs about boys and sex together…I think it's pretty cool ... Don't analyse. That's the problem with so much culture out there. People are so trapped into trying to do the right thing. As long as you are not hurting anyone I think you should feel free to indulge your fantasies.”

Do you see the problem here? No, no, no, it is not that her mother is complicit with her occult perversion. The real problem, listen up kids, is that the problem with so much culture is that people are so trapped into trying to do the right thing—get over it already and just do what thou wilt and that shall be the whole of the law (lean more about this, literal, satanic doctrine here).

Some consider concepts such as “As long as you are not hurting anyone” to be the ultimage in ethics. However, there are two very important points to make in this regard.

This is, literally, a witchcraft motto as within Wicca the number one, nice sounding, rule is the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none do what ye will.” In other words, Wiccans took half a statement from Aleister Crowley (about whom you can learn here, here and here), the most infamous satanic black magickian of the 20th century, and mixed it with a note about not doing harm.

Yet, this fails because “harm” is not defined by Wicca or Ke$ha. Is she not going harm by encouraging hundreds of thousands of children to get high and drunk and have sex with many people including ghosts whilst worshipping the devil and undergoing occult rituals in order to gain, temporary, riches, fame and stardom?

Jason Lipshutz wrote an article for the mainstream magazine/website Billboard titled, Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in ‘Die Young’ Video (November 08, 2012). It is amazing that a mainstream music source would delve into such conceptualizations.

It is noted that the video contains, “tons of blatant Illuminati imagery and some sort of illegal orgy going on”:

As Ke$ha and her pals head to Mexico, Illuminati symbols -- the all-seeing one eye, the upside-down cross, and so, so many triangle -- pop up amongst the fun.

"We made it… SOUTH OF THE BORDER… they'll never find us here," reads a text, sent by Ke$ha to some unknown party apparently interested in some choreographed sexuality. Eventually the cops show up and break up the writhing bodies -- maybe by shooting Ke$ha as the video goes black! A sad possibility, but after all, the song is called "Die Young."

The video is basically about breaking into a church, vandalizing it and using it as a place for satanic ritual including sexual orgies.

Ke$ha is driven into Mexico in a hearst which opens to reveal that she is in the back, where the corpse would be in a black veil an a sexy pose. She is carried as in an idolatrous religious procession (remember, this is Mexico where such events are ubiquitous).

There is also a scene wherein they are engaged in the occult craft of tarot and Ke$ha pulls the devil card which makes everyone laugh (busted!).

They then destroy the church and engage in a dance/orgy therein.

There is also some product placement as Ke$ha is seen texting the Animals which is what she calls her fans.

Betwixt occult symbols for sex—upside down and right side up triangles—shots of wolves having sex are shown intermingled with Ke$ha doing likewise. In a later video, for Crazy Kids, she just cuts to the chase and actually shows a man in a room alone with just a little horse.

Police arrive and Ke$ha approaches them. The video ends with the police pointing weapons at her and a scene of her from behind displaying one of the very, very, very many satanic symbols on her rear end.

The video is for the song “Die Young” and so the implication is: make a deal with the devil, he will grant you fame and fortune (and sex, sex, sex and also sex) and in exchange, you will die young…and go to hell for all eternity; but we don’t wanna think about that little bitty part of it now, do we?

Well, in the song “Dancing with the devil” she simply admits that she has made such a deal and has admitted to having sexual partners de jour all over the world.

As of this writing, 2013 AD, Ke$ha is 26 years old and thus, may very well only have a very limited time to repent as that dreaded 27th year is fast upon her. This is the age when many of her devil deal celebrity comrades have seen their end (in occult numerology 27 reduces to 2+7=9 and 9 is equal to 666 as 6+6+6=18 and 18 reduces to 1+8=9).

Let us end with an example of the results of her really positive spiritual quest as she admits that she is, as the title of her song goes, “Dancing With The Devil”:

I keep on dancing with the Devil

I sold my soul, ain’t no turning back

What more do you need to know? More? Okay, here’s more of the song:

You and I made a deal

I was young and **** got real

Weaving through Heaven and back [there is astral projection again]

Your love is made of dirty gold [she earns her filthy lucre due to her pact with the devil]

But I’m the one who sold my soul

So go ahead and take my hand…

So while I’m yours until the end

A holy war, I’ll never win

So I’ll keep dancing ’til I die [the deal is clear and typical; temporary fame and fortune in exchange for an early death and her soul]

He’s got my mind (You got...) [her very thoughts and thus, actions and lyrics are authored by the devil]

He’s got my soul (…Hell to pay)

My… he won’t let me go!

What needs be done with Ke$ha is to have decent parents expose her for what she is and keep their kids far, far away from her. What needs to be done for Ke$ha is to love her and pray for her.

She is a willing victim of satan’s schemes but one word from Jesus will set her free.

Let us pray.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

—Mark 8:36


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