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Getting to know author Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins
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Kristan Higgins wrote about Colleen O'Rourke in her romance novel Waiting on You. In the first two Blue Heron books, Colleen was a secondary character. Kristan decided to write the third book in the series about Colleen because she created her to have charisma, and to be fun and warm. Colleen, a single woman, frequently gives advice to other people about their relationships.

Kristan would like to write a book about Colleen's twin brother, Connor, who owns a bar with Colleen. In Waiting on You, Connor kept his love life a secret from prying Colleen. Also In Waiting on You, Kristan intentionally made mother like daughter and father like son. Colleen and her mother and Lucas and his deceased father have a lot in common, like most family members do in real life.

Although a wedding and a couple of passings are described in the book, Kristan did not say much about Colleen's wedding or her grandfather's death. She left those details up to her readers' imagination. Eventually, Kristan will reveal if the pregnant characters in her books give birth to boys or girls. Kristan's next book, entitled In Your Dreams, will be available in the fall of 2014.

Kristan's books tend to be longer than typical contemporary romance novels, because her books are about all the aspects of her characters' lives. She is a dog person and she usually gives her characters pets that say something about them.

Kristan did not think about becoming an author until she was in her thirties. She said, "Writing a book is always hard." Although it wasn't easy, Kristan's writing experience and love of reading helped her to get published fairly quickly. She received a B.A. in English from a small Jesuit college in New England, and she is an award-winning author who loves to hear from her readers. There are coffee cups on Kristan's website (, because readers have commented that reading her books, "is like sitting down for coffee with a friend."

In addition to spending hours typing on her keyboard, some of the things Kristan does include: interviews, blogs, book signings, speeches, and workshops. Last year, she traveled to Australia with her husband to give a keynote address in Brisbane.

No matter what happens in her career or her personal life, Kristan said, "I'll always be that slightly dorky, somewhat insecure kid I was way back when. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up a little on the outside of things...that can make you a great observer of the human condition, and there's just nothing more interesting than that."

Kristan's Harlequin books are available wherever books are sold, and at a St. Paul Public Library or a Ramsey County Library.

Julia Parent also writes St. Paul TV Examiner and St. Paul Magazine Examiner articles.

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