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Getting The Scoop From Rapper "Chris BIGZ Barton"

Tonight I had a chance to interview Chris "BIGZ" Barton, while listening to a few of his hot tracks, that stay playing throughout different clubs. It's always cool to see fans going crazy once a track starts playing from their favorite artist. Pulling BIGZ away from signing autographs was the challenge, but I managed to get a few minutes of his time to conduct this interview, so let's get right into it.

Living out his dreams on stage
Chris BIGZ Barton

1Q. When did you first discover your lyrical talent?

A. I think it was 1996 when I really started getting serious with it, about the same time as the birth of my daughter, who made me start getting serious about my career.

2Q. What defines you as a person, as well as a rapper?

A. My beliefs as a person and the course of staying in my own lane is what defines me as well as my music.

3Q. What was the first song you recorded that got your listeners wanting to hear more from you?

A. I would have to say it was the titled track off of my debut cd "Not Like Me", called "BIGZ". That was a defining moment in my music career that I will always remember.

4Q. How long does it generally take you to create a full rap song?

A. That depends on the subject, some can be as short as taking twenty minutes to write, while others may take a day or so to write.

5Q. What inspires you to write and why?

A. My life is my greatest inspiration to write taking me down many roads that people don't like to discuss, but to me I see these things as blessings that need to be discussed on the microphone.

6Q. What advice would you give up and coming rappers?

A. Stay focused, stay ready, while never being afraid to fail. One has to be fully prepared to have others challenge them, to see if they are real about the love for the game, or just a gimmick type of rapper. You must pay your dues as did the many rappers that made the game what it is now.

7Q. Where can our readers purchase your music?

A. Right now I am working to put together a new website, so they can purchase all my music and the merchandise I will be selling. For now they can find me on iTunes, sound cloud, as well as a few more music download sites.

8Q. Name one of your favorite tracks and why?

A. "BIGZ" is one of my favorite tracks, it is what got me through the rap door making it possible for people to hear and love my sound.

9Q. What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

A. I want my listeners to find themselves in it, while knowing that we face the same struggles in life daily. Knowing that believing in self is the main glue that holds us all together, when facing those darkest moments.

10Q. Where do you see yourself in three years?

A. Hopefully still grinding in this rap game making people feel the magic of "FATBOY WONDER", better known as "BIGZ".

11Q. If you could perform in any state at any arena, where would it be?

A. New York is the state, Madison Square Garden is the place.

12Q. Is the rap industry all you thought it would be, or would you change some things if you could?

A. The industry is sometimes too click orientated for me, causing me to wish people went off of merit of the music, instead who you know and don't know.

13Q. What do you think about the love your fans keep showing you?

A. I am truly grateful from the deepest part of my being, my fans keep me strong and humble, causing them to be my world.

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