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Getting The Most Out of Caregiver Training for your Caregivers & Your Business

It’s no secret that caregiver training is an important factor in hiring and retaining valuable caregivers. But most people don’t realize just how essential it is to the success of any homecare or long-term care community. According to recent myCNAjobs caregiver research, 85% of caregivers reported wanting more paid training opportunities with 71% indicating they must be actively learning to stay on board with a company. With over 50% turnover in both homecare and long-term care, these are very real and significant figures that cannot be ignored.

Here are a few tips to maximize your caregiver training programs:

  1. Be vocal about your caregiver training opportunities! Take advantage of all communication vehicles with your team, constantly reminding them of the paid training available. This means mentioning training in newsletters, emails, over social media, and even paystubs! Regularly bringing to mind the opportunity for training and career growth is a huge retention factor, even for caregivers choosing not to participate. Just the knowledge that the training is readily available can be enough incentive to stay on.
  2. Focus your training on what caregivers want to learn about most. If you’re presenting subjects that are of particular interest to your employees, they’re much more likely to participate and be invested in what you’re doing. According to the the research, caregivers want more training in areas such as CPR, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, end of life care, and how to grow in their career.
  3. Facilitate learning between fellow caregivers. A large number of caregivers are interested in learning from each other, sharing advice and common experiences, in order to train and grow. As an employer, you can facilitate group discussion and create environments where peer training can thrive.
  4. Make caregiver training fun and exciting! In addition to presenting great facts and teaching useful skills, make your training sessions appealing by adding some excitement. There are a lot of ways to make caregiver training educational and enjoyable, so get creative and be stand apart with your unique incentives!

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