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Getting The Appropriate Career Training For Security

Work in the security industry is challenging and lucrative. To get the appropriate training for security, you may have to travel, depending on how specialized you want to be. You can find trainers on a local basis for night watchman positions, and others of similar intricacy. However, to get training in maritime security or close protection, you may need to attend training in other locations.

Maritime Security

One of the most exciting – and potentially dangerous – security jobs is in maritime security. A MSO, or Maritime Security Officer, receives very specialized training. Part of that training will include radio and radar operation. You’ll need to be skilled on a number of different radio and radar devices so that you are prepared to deliver secure support to the people aboard your ship. This certification will also include training in testing and calibration, as well as repair of communication and radar devices.

Threat Identification

Any field of security that you may consider will require a certain amount of training in the identification of threats, recognition of threatening circumstances, and response to perceived threats. The depth of your training will be dependent on whether or not you will be first-line or second-line operations, and on whether or not you will be in hostile territory.

As security officer, it is your job to assess potential threats and act judiciously. You will home hour skills in detecting various weapons, identifying different types of devices, and assessing different potentially dangerous substances. Each of these potential threats can be disguised and camouflaged, and you will be trained in recognizing the threat. You’ll also learn how to disarm the threat.

You may be required to conduct searches, both of property and persons. These searches must be done legally, and as non-intrusively as possible. Check cards are usually required for searches, and if none are available for your area, you’ll need to be knowledgeable enough to be able to create your own check cards. The responsibility of making sure each team member is properly equipped is also yours.

Another aspect of threat identification is crowd observation. You’ll need to be able to watch a crowd, discern its general behavior, and identify potentially dangerous areas or persons. You will receive training in concealment, and in identification of concealment activities, so that you can assess the members of the crowd.

Medical Training

For most front-line positions, you will receive medical training, both for triage and first aid. Your responsibilities will be to keep the people in your care safe.


SIA handles security certification through most of Europe and Great Britain. To work in the security industry, you have to receive certification from SIA. Some of the training facilities are directly operated by SIA, but the vast majority of them are approved by SIA, rather than operated by that organization. Before you sign up for a security training course, make sure it is approved and certified by the SIA. Otherwise, you won’t receive credit for it toward your Security Officer certification.

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