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Getting taken to school at Comedy Works South's New Talent night

Deacon Gray has a chicken farm. You can tell by his shirt.
Deacon Gray has a chicken farm. You can tell by his shirt.
Photo thanks to comedian's myspace page

There were a few good educational lessons to be learned at Comedy Works South last night. The first lesson being that if Matt Baca offers you a Cliff bar, it's probably a flavor you wouldn't want. And the second one is that you never ask Mark Lee for a piece of gum. We'll get into the details in a minute.

Last night marked the weekly New Talent night at Comedy Works South at the Landmark. If you haven't been to the Landmark, I definitely suggest getting over there. In addition to Comedy Works, there are some fabulous restaurants and a kick-ass movie theater with unlimited popcorn and soda; however, if you're anything like me and have trouble finding things, the road into the promised Landmark is poorly marked, so if you end up aimlessly driving through connecting parking lots for ten minutes like I usually do, I guess you're not alone.

Ok. The show. Let's get to the meat of the issue.

There was definitely a lot of talent on-stage last night. Was it so much new talent? I'd have my doubts. These guys were pretty  much all polished, had their strong points, and also...well, they were all guys. Now, I don't have a problem with that per se. But man, I'd really like to see some more ladies in the mix. It was pretty refreshing to learn about the Denver Improv's quest for fostering and developing funny female comedians through their Future Legends night. And with Comedy Works' reputation as a female-owned club, I guess my expectation would be that maybe there would be at least one lady in the mix. Ah well. Maybe I caught a weird night. There's always a next-time.

Not to take anything away from the guys that did perform. Across the board the quality of the comedy was pretty outstanding. I wouldn't expect anything less from the venerable Comedy Works. Emceed by the hilarious and occasionally awkward Bob Meddles, the night moved along at a great pace with a ton of varied and interesting talent throughout the show.

Points of awesomeness:

-Sam "Danger" Tallent, who was featured as one of my faves in the Squire review, showed his cuddly face again last night, and failed to disappoint. What is it that makes me want to give that kid a hug?

-I hadn't seen Deacon Gray perform before, but he was definitely a standout in the mix. His take on Facebook as "the loneliness trap" was perfect. And also kind of sad, as I identify a little too harshly with that understanding.

-Jason Keyes has the type of set that makes you wish he was one of your best pals. Fave line? "The older you get, the earlier your booty calls get." So simple. So spot on.

-Our buddy Jake Sharon was in the mix. And he is and was fantastic. His unique energy uplifted the club in a way that no comic matched. Sharon is definitely his own deal of weird, hippie sweetness.

-If you need someone to get up there and do the damn thing, Elliot Woolsey is your guy. Woolsey's delivery partners incredibly well with his undeniable charisma, and last night he brought it home with a vengeance. Nicely done, big guy.

-I loved Talon Saucerman. And so did everyone else. Ok, I cant speak for everyone. Saucerman seems like the guy that might have been giving the nerds swirlies back in high school, but that's the appeal. His confidence and ownership of the stage--and the beer in the back pocket of his carpenter jeans--gave him an everyday-kinda-guy draw that puts him in his own classification of awesomeness.

-Matt Baca, a Boulderite by all accounts, doesn't like Cliff bars. Me either. But I especially wouldn't like his version of the Cliff bar...nut flavored via Lance Armstrong...and there's only half in the pack...if ya catch my drift. Yeah. Gnarly, bros.

-Ron Ferguson. He's a pretty straightforward guy. I liked that. His comparison of going to a strip club and having your keys locked in your car was perfect-o: You can see it, it's right there, but you can't get to it. Awesome.

-Headliner Mark Lee got into a great altercation while trying to get an audience member to cooperate for a bit on why you shouldn't ask Lee for a piece of gum. The guy was simply supposed to ask for a piece of gum, which eventually happened. And when it did, Mark dropped the supposed gum--which I believe was an Advil--towards his pelvic region then thrust the gum in the bewildered audience member's facial region. In which we learned not only one lesson, but two. The first is quite obvious. Dont ask Mark Lee for a piece of gum. The second is also obvious. Dont talk to Mark Lee. At least during his set.

Okay, so there were a lot of points of awesomeness in this show. But I've gotta give the devils their dues. The show was a ton of fun. I learned some great things. Had some great laughs. And enjoyed the great mojitos. I'll definitely be back at the Landmark. That is, if i can find my way through the parking lots.

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  • WHazzzUp 5 years ago

    Great room but you are right on about the gender equity. It's a "guys" room for sure.

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