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Getting started with explosive training

Even Jillian realizes how boring this is!
Even Jillian realizes how boring this is!
The Biggest Loser |

Have you tried mixing up your workout routine lately?  Are you still doing the same old, boring exercises that you did last week and the week before and the week before that...  This is the trap that many people get caught in, and do so in a hurry.  Each week you look forward to going the gym less and less until it becomes more of a burden than an excitement.

Today is the day you need to take the next step and change up your routine.  Instead of going through the motions on the elliptical or bike, try something different.  Get off of the curl machine and put down that rubber tubing you are using to "sculpt" your triceps.  It's time to pick up the intensity, sweat a little and accomplish something.

Training at an intense level does not have to be difficult and the great thing is that it's always changing (assuming you push yourself).  Worried that you are a novice?  Start simple and remember that technique trumps volume, reps or f weight.  Try something like the workout below to get started and see how you feel:

After a 5 minute warm-up of your choice try these exercises at a 30 second work : 30 second rest rate. Cycle through 5 times and you will have a 20 minute workout.

1.  Push-ups: rest 

2.  Squat jumps : rest 

3.  Hanging leg raises : rest 

4.  Push-press : rest   

Still feeling strong?  Cycle through the workout again until you feel that you have been challenged.  Remember to keep up the intensity and push yourself!


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