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Getting started on a scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook can be an overwhelming process. As a beginner it can be confusing to know how to get started and as an experienced scrapbooker, it can be easy to get too focused on product.

At the heart of all scrapbooks is the desire to capture memories and that begins with photos. To determine what your scrapbook is going to look like start with your pictures. A scrapbook album can be of family vacations, a child's school year or a monthly recap of events. Once you gather up your photos your theme will start to show and you are ready to get started.

For a basic scrapbook you will need:

  1. pictures
  2. paper
  3. cutter
  4. acid free adhesive
  5. acid free pen

The linked video with Beth Callaghan is a great resource on how to get your scrapbook pages started. With the goal being to get your memories started, just dive right in. Trim your photos to eliminate any unwanted backgrounds. Use paper to create a mat or use your photo as is. Use your pen to journal about your photos. You have now started your scrapbook.


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