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Getting started and staying on track: Part 1

Why is it so hard to get motivated and stick to your goals? You all know the routine, it is a new year, you are full of enthusiasm and motivation. You join a gym, you try eating healthy.  Weeks go by, you don't see the results you are looking for. You find yourself too busy to prepare a healthy meal, so you buy pre-packaged or take-out. You are going to the gym less and less and quite frankly, you really do not understand what to do at the gym.  What is the point, you say?  You become frustrated, and fall back into your old comfortable habits.  Eventually, you are back at square one, what happened?  What happened is you tried to make a sweeping change in your life instead of focusing on smaller more manageable steps.

Your first course of action is to create a manageable plan for you. Figure out what your goals are and list them in order of importance. Figure out why these goals are important you.   If you do join a gym, it is crucial you understand what you are doing.  It may seem like a waste of money to hire a trainer, but this can be an important step to understanding the equipment and making sure you are exercising correctly. A trainer can help you plan an exercise program based on your goals.  Be realistic about what you really can do, i.e. if you feel you can get to the gym 2-3 times per week, then set that as your goal.  You don't need to go crazy in the beginning, but you need to exercise smartly and efficiently


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