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Getting Started and Staying On Track: Focus on Your Goals - Part 2

So now you have gotten started with your fitness goals.  How can you be the most efficient with your work-outs?  The notion that you must spend 1 1/2 hours or even 2 hours in the gym simply is not true.  You can get a good work-out in 30-45 minutes.  Get it in your head what you want to accomplish when you are in the gym.  What body part(s) do you want to work on? Do you want to incorporate cardio into your strength training session?  Do you want to lift weights or use the circuit?  Or a combination of everything?  Have a plan before you get there. 

Buy a notebook to keep track of your progress.  Jot down notes that will help you the next time you working out.  Music is a great way to stay focused on your work-out.  An I pod Shuffle is relatively inexpensive and you can download your favorite songs to keep you motivated and on track.  I have two types of music on my I pod; hard rock for weight lifting and dance hall music for cardio. 

Next time: Proper technique


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