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CUAO TALK: Getting Standards

The only thing more depressing than being at home, alone, on a Friday night is when all of your girls are in a relationship. It started out a typical Friday night for me. I was at home, alone, curled up on the couch, binge watching “Drop Dead Diva” when I looked at the face of my Droid and there was nothing. Not even a text. This wasn’t the first time, my phone went all day without so much as a drunk dial up message, but for the first time in months I actually cared.

My first instinct was to call up my girls for a night out on the town, but one by one, I received the same reply from each of them, “can’t tonight. With the bae”. That’s when it set it. All of my girlfriends were in steady relationships and I hadn’t been on a single date since my break up six months ago! I was definitely in a rut and single life in L.A. can be traumatizing…

Not only was I in a rut, but my hobby of binge watching my favorite television was starting to show on my body. I had gained twenty pounds! No wonder I hadn’t been on a date in forever, guys in L.A. are shallow! No one likes an insecure chubby girl. The next day, I went to my favorite used books store in Culver City. I explored the Self Help aisle, looking for something-anything that could lift me up; and that’s when I saw it. I could’ve sworn this thing was a myth, but there it was, the legendary RULES book, “The Rules” from 1995. I glanced at it and thought, hey, it’s only a dollar… So I bought it. And as I read through each rule, I realized, no wonder my dating life was such an epic fail, I had been breaking ALL of the rules!

Now I know what you’re thinking, The Rules is a dating book on how to play games; I don’t want to be labeled a “game player”. But life is a game, and there are clear winners and losers in every dating situation. Which one are you?
The men in L.A. are spoiled! Because in an effort to prove we’re not game playing gold digger, we’ve gone the complete opposite way and now the men have all the power! I get it there’s a lot of competition out there and we never want to be THAT girl who was difficult to deal with, but as a result of our leniency we have created a hookup culture where the men expect US to take THEM out on dates!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not for tricking my hard earned cash out on a man. We are the prize, not them! The Rules is all about building up your self-esteem so that you won’t put up inappropriate behavior. A wise man, (Steve Harvey) once said, “Men respect standards, get some” and that’s exactly what I did. Man-boys of L.A. better watch out for me, because I’m loaded with timeless wisdom and ready to date like the Queen that I am.

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