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Getting stalked was never this fun

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'Tis the season of company holiday parties, when you, your boss, and your co-workers get very drunk in each other's presence and say things you otherwise would never have let fly from the tongue. It's also when secret crushes come to the surface, and beer goggles take over where good judgment ought to prevail.

In case you fell victim to one of the above scenarios, Obsessed is a movie that might make you feel better about the trouble you got yourself into. At least you didn't break into your boss's car and then sit there waiting for him to leave the Christmas party and try to mount him once he finally made his way down to the parking garage.

I can't call Obsessed a thriller as much as a comedy. When is the last time you had a stalker like Ali Larter dying to jump your bones? Honestly, during the "scary" scenes of this movie I wanted to bust out laughing.

The plot: family man and hugely successful corporate executive Derek Charles (Idris Elba), must endure the insatiable come-ons of vixen intern Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter).

The agony.

As her obsessive tactics grow more psychotic, he must find a way to explain all this weirdness to his no-nonsense wife (Beyonce Knowles), who isn't buying his explanation of being an innocent victim. Eventually he must also save his career and a lot more as circumstances start framing him to be the aggressor.

I applaud this movie for casting its roles as it did and then daring the audience not to roll its eyes with one big, gigantic, "Pu-leeez!" If you're in the mood for a light-hearted obsession flick, this one is worth the watch.