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Getting sick while in recovery from mental illness

Take a mental health day for better physical health.
Take a mental health day for better physical health.
Keith and Diana Little

When you are sick and have a mental illness, many of your symptoms can get much worse. This is caused by a combination of different causes. For one, when you are sick, you are not doing your daily routine. Usually you are sitting on a couch watching TV, or laying in bed. These actions can easily onset depression.

If your body is sick, your mind isn't working at one hundred percent either. Typically, any person who is not well, might not feel up for reading a book because it is too much stress on their minds. This stress on the comes with being sick, and this can also lead to more symptoms.

Being sick is no fun for anyone, but when you have a mental health disorder, being sick can really disrupt your life, and can even damage some of your relationships with people you know and love. You might not be thinking as clearly and say something you will regret later.

We all need time to heal when we are sick. If you happen to have a mental health disorder, it might be best to give yourself an extra day so that you can get back into the swing of things. A lot of times this can strengthen your relationships while avoiding making yourself feel regretful about a situation that could have easily been avoided.

Getting back into the feeling of going to work every day can be difficult when you have not been doing the things that you usually do every day to maintain wellness. A mental health day is worth taking sometimes, and everyone takes them from time to time when necessary, so there is no reason to feel guilty.

A mental health day can be for anyone.  Good mental health makes good productive workers.  Sometimes when we are stressed, and it is starting to show on us physically, a mental health day is necessary.


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