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Getting in Shape for a Sensational Summer

Getting in Shape for the Summer
Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Summer time is approaching and before we know it, it will be time to get ready to take a swim, go kayaking on one of the beautiful lakes or simply head out to the beach and worship the sun. Reminder-use plenty of sunscreen. With plenty of new swimwear styles that appear to be slimming, now is the time to make sure your body is the one you will want to show off as you head out for your first swim this summer.

The hottest trends in swimwear are two piece bathing suits that are not bikinis or tankinis; rather the bottoms go above your belly button and have high cut offs to bring attention to your legs. These types of silhouettes tend to make the legs look leaner due to the cut and women of all ages are drawn to the newer looks in swim wear for 2014. The tops that are paired with the new bottoms are similar to what we have been wearing for the last few years. The key fashion factor is the addition of straps anywhere and everywhere on top that are non-functional but are accessorizing the allure of these new swimwear silhouettes.

So, how does one get ready to look and feel good before heading out for some fun in the sun? Trish Terry and Chad Cannon, owners of RTX Wellness in Austin share their expertise. "If you want to look good on the outside, you must get healthy on the inside otherwise it is just another temporary fix. Detoxify the body with lots of locally produced greens such as kale, spinach, cilantro, and parsley as well as other fruits and vegetables. While you are slowly ridding the body of toxins and extra weight, you will then have the energy and drive to actually work out" Terry recommends 20 to 30 minute interval training workouts a few times a week. No fad diets, no deprivation, no extreme kidding!

Cannon advises that people should keep their diets simple. "We have found that the simpler the diet is the more chances of success. Too many choices are keeping us overweight. Simplify and you will be leaner. Always have healthy snacks in your desk or car."

The RTX Wellness team has discovered that most people have an "all or nothing" mentality when it comes to exercising. It is scientifically proven that even 20 to 30 minutes a few times a week can get and keep you in great shape if you are working out smart. We now know that short, intense workouts with intervals are extremely effective. Terry says,"Get off the treadmill. It is boring and not as effective as you think. Many of our workouts can be done at home, the office or the gym using no equipment." And the results that you want are within your reach within months. Perhaps your goals are only weeks away; simply put-start eating healthy and working out on a consistent basis and you will be styling one of these sexy swimsuits in no time at all.

Our optimal goal is to be able to buy one of the sexy swimsuits and feel great wearing it. The "new" two piece suits are the best sellers among the 25 plus age group. According to retail associates in Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's and boutiques throughout the Austin area, women are embracing the two piece bathing suits and black is the color of choice. Younger women-teens and college students still favor bikinis and thongs. Wherever you decide to go to buy a new swimsuit, there is a lot to choose from. But the season's winner is the trending two piece suit and if you want to be sporting a 2014 bathing suit, this is definitely a winner.

The RTX Wellness team emphasizes, "Strive to become a better version of yourself daily. Most people strive to lose weight in 30 days or diet for an extended amount of time then either see results or become complacent, gain weight or quit. Every goal starts with a vision so create your vision, map out your plan and begin to take action daily to make fitness become a lifestyle."

And get ready to do some shopping. Remember, envision this magnificent two piece suit and make that a part of your goal. Eating healthy, exercising and enjoying the summer to its fullest is the way to go. And looking great in one of these suits is just one of the many rewards you will reap as you get ready for summer time in Austin.

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