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Getting in shape 2014

Working out with our pets can be so much better
Great time to start

Our pets have had a nice holiday just as the humans have. Perhaps they are a little out of the shape with their commands and obedience. This is a great time to begin the brush up on all the ‘good citizen’ rules for them and us. Remember that New Year’s Resolution made about getting more exercise. There is no better way than to take our furry friend with us. And the benefits are two fold, one we (both pet and human) get the exercise and two the safety. Even a small dog will bark at strangers or make a move to let us know someone is coming up behind us.
A gym maybe more to our liking in cold weather and there are gyms which our pets can enjoy or exercise groups which include the pets with the people. Be sure to have the pet socialized with other animals and know the pet’s limits. We know or soon feel our own limits; our pets have the limits for themselves as well.
Contact the local Vet for information regarding classes in socializing. Another thought is to begin a conditioning class with our pet and then move into agility; this is great exercise for both.

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