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Getting set for the Ace Race


Ace Rce '09 Tournament Discs

The Discraft Ace Race I previously wrote about is this Saturday at 1pm to 5pm in Fowlerville.  While researching the subject, I decided that perhaps I should give it a shot.  A couple of friends played it before and had fun, so why not?  Plus you get two new discs out of the deal. 

I emailed the Tournament Director of this specific event to see if there were any spots left and, luckily, a few were still open.  I have never played in any sort of tournament or sponsored event like this before, only recreationally.  Typically, I meet up with some friends, grab a few beers and throw.  Most of the time, we don’t even keep score, so this will be a little out of the ordinary.  I’m certainly not expecting to win, but I think it will be fun and I will enjoy meeting some new people who share an interest in the sport. 

To prepare, knowing I didn’t have much free time to practice, I decided to disguise a last minute trip to the Ponds as a “date” with my wife.   (Side note to male readers: this totally worked, just go out to dinner afterwards).  Since the tournament disc this year is a putter, I made sure to take some longer throws with mine to get a feel for how they handle the distance.  Honestly, it did not look great.  Even more honestly, it looked terrible.  Luckily, the Ace Race is 36 throws, two rounds of 18, so hopefully I’ll develop some sort of rhythm by the 28th or 29th throw.  Unlikely, but I’m not worried about it.  It’s disc golf, so I’m pretty confident that I won’t have to relive any of the highlights (or lowlights) on ESPN’s Sportcenter that night.

So, we’ll see how things go.  With any luck, the weather will be decent and, if nothing else, I will put forth a nice effort and have a good time.

 For more info:  See the Ace Race website and click here for course info and directions