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Getting rid of split ends

There really is only one solution to ending split ends, and that is getting a hair cut. But not all of us want to go in for a chop- even if it is just for 2 inches, somehow our stylist ends up taking off 4! Well if you aren't ready for a little trim there are ways for you to help hide and prevent split ends with the right products.

Split ends are caused by wear and tear that causes your hair shaft to open. Main source is from heat. Other reason could be lack of moisture, tugging/pulling on your hair, rubbing your ends together harshly, and lack of proper TLC. This leaves you with frizzy hair that looks

1.Diet. Poor nutritional habits can cause your hair to look flat and dull. Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients will make your hair more susceptible to damage and easier to break/split. Eat foods rich in Omega-3 fats and protein to really help your hair grow and have a natural shine.

2.Apply a serum. John Frieda's Frizz Ease serum smooths hair and binds split ends. This helps prevent frizz and fly aways caused by humidity and heat damage.

3.Still go see a stylist! You need to have those tips cut not just to get rid of split ends but promote healthy hair growth as well.

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