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Getting Rid of Ghosts: Reclaiming Your Home

Haunted House
Haunted House

Getting rid of a ghost may be easier than you think - at least some of the time. How you rid your home of one depends in part on the type of haunting you are dealing with and the disposition of the ghost. By definition, ghosts are the spirits or energy of someone who has died. They possess the same personality and traits as they did while they were living. An angry or violent person may appear as an angry ghost, but the majority of ghosts are just ordinary people like you and me.

Ghosts fall into two categories: residual ghosts and intelligent ghosts. It is believed that residual ghosts occur as the result of actions or events that have imprinted on the environment. The circumstances surrounding the original event dictate the actions of the residual ghost. The tricky part is understanding that although you may see or hear the residual ghost, he really isn't there at all.

Residual Ghosts

Many paranormal investigators believe that a traumatic or emotionally charged event combined with specific geological features such as water, limestone and natural stone somehow cause images and sounds to imprint on the environment and later replay at predictable times. Although there is no scientific evidence that this can or does occur, personal experiences of people across the globe seem to support it. Little is known about the process or the specific combination of factors needed to produce a residual haunting.

The hallmark sign of a residual ghost is that events occur a regular intervals whether anyone is present or not. These account for a large portion of reported paranormal activity. Residual hauntings often take the from of apparitions performing the same task at the same time and may occur daily, weekly or even yearly. In some cases, the paranormal activity may take the form of sounds such as the sound of footsteps walking up the hall, children playing or phantom music emanating from empty rooms.

Getting Rid of a Residual Ghost

Attempts to rid your home of a residual ghost falls on deaf ears, as there is no entity to communicate with. You cannot banish a residual ghost or rid your home of a residual haunting. Understanding the cause of the sights and sounds you experience and learning to live with them, or moving from the home are the only real options for residual hauntings.

Intelligent Ghosts

Intelligent ghosts are the spirit of someone who has died and are able to interact with you. They may be confused souls who are not aware they have died or they may choose to stay on earth to complete tasks they were unable to finish in life. Sometimes intelligent ghosts linger on earth to watch over loved ones or simply remain attached to their home or surroundings and refuse to leave.

Although intelligent ghosts may be frightening, they generally are not dangerous and simply cause disturbances in your home as a way to communicate with you. In some cases, they may be angry that you are living in their home or changing the house in some way.

Getting Rid of an Intelligent Ghost

Getting rid of an intelligent ghost may be as simple as sitting down as a family and claiming your own home. Telling the ghost to move on and to leave the family alone is often effective. Some families choose to strike a bargain with the ghost and tell him he may stay as long as he does not disturb the family or ceases whatever activity the family finds disturbing. It is important that the entire family is involved in asking the spirit to leave. According to the TAPS Ghost Hunters team, speaking in a firm authoritative voice and reclaiming your home is the most effective way to get rid of an intelligent ghost.

Other Ghostly Entities

Other entities like inhuman spirits are not so easy to dispel and may require the assistance of clergy or paranormal investigators to rid them of your home. Before you choose a plan of action, make sure you know whether you are dealing with a ghost or if it is another type of entity. Trying to rid your home of inhuman spirits or other non-human entities can be dangerous. If you are unsure of what is haunting your home, call in an investigative team or a member of the clergy to assess the situation for you.

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