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Getting rid of first day jitters at a new job

Note taking is a must for the first day on a new job.
Note taking is a must for the first day on a new job.

The interview was a success, now as a new employee on the first day of work nerves have officially started to set in. The first day at any new job can be nerve-racking even for the most seasoned career employee. But getting through the first day and first week in a positive manner is a must for making a good impression.

Be Comfortable

Dressing nice and appropriately for the job is highly encouraged. However as a new employee, there may be a lot of walking around for a company tour or being introduced to new co-workers. Being comfortable and wearing a good pair of walking shoes will be needed to get through the day. Take time and think about the attire that should be wore on the first day. Lay the attire out, this will help save time when getting ready for the first day.

Recognize Time

Arriving early is strongly recommended for an employee’s first day on a new job. A new employee, who arrives late or with only moments to spare, will seem to not care about the job or new position. Arriving a few minutes early will show dedication to the newly acquired position.

Take time to prior to the first day to figure out the driving distance or commuting distance. By practice the route, a new employee can determine what time to leave in the morning and still get to the job on time. Take weather conditions into consideration, when factoring in time to leave for work, heavy rainy or snowy days may take more travel time.

Staying a few minutes after the time to leave also shows dedication for the new job. Watch for signs of the right time to leave from co-workers, rushing to the time clock as soon as the time clock hits 5 pm, may not have the right impression on the manager or co-workers. Waiting to be sent home on the first day is also another way to learn the system or workplace culture. Walking out with co-workers can also help strike up a conversation and get to know others in the workplace.

Be a Note Taker

Remember those days in school, when taking notes were a great way to remember the subject especially if there was to be a test the next day? During the first day and even the first week, go back to this practice especially during the orientation process. Taking notes will show the manager or the co-worker conducting orientation that as a new hire learning everything about the job and company is a first priority.


Communicating with the boss, the person conducting the orientation, and co-workers will help in determining a successful career within the company. Learn to communicate in an effective business-like manner or a professional manner for the type of business. Being articulate is needed for making a good first impression.

Start by listening to each step in the orientation or training process. After listening to the instructions, questions can be asked. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Managers and trainers find that answering questions is easier than fixing mistakes that may take time out of a busy schedule.

Part of communication is the ability to start a conversation. Practice ways of starting a conversation with new co-workers such as a basic introduction method. Learn to ask open-ended questions which will require a co-worker to have a more than one word response.

These are only a few tips to help a new employee on the first day of work. Getting through the first day and eventually the first week can be a stressful yet exciting experience. So take a deep breath and enjoy the new job.

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