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Getting Remarried in Style part 4 of 4

Weddings! take two
Weddings! take two
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5 Second wedding planning tips!

1. It is most important to set up a do-able budget and to stick to that budget! Going over will in some cases start the marriage off in debt which is not an ideal situation.

2. Look around for deals and sales. Typically there is more of a discount available if the wedding is during the off peak times (winter, Friday's and Sundays). The difference of renting the reception hall for a Friday night versus a Saturday afternoon or night can be quite a few dollars off per person.  Multiply that by the number of guests that can amount to mega savings. Same goes for the DJ, photographer and caterers.  Evening weddings are fabulous and can easily be converted into candlelight ceremonies for that extra special touch.

3. Always try to deal with local merchants. This will save on delivery charges too and on the carbon footprints. 

4. Read over every contract from each and every merchant. Do not be fooled by a nice smile, a promise and a handshake.

5. To save extra money try networking. Ask friends or family to recommend talented lay-people for things like photography, catering and cake making etc. Same for DJ's if they have the equipment. Don't be afraid to utilize your friends and family. This will save you lots of money.

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