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Getting Remarried in Style part 3 of 4

Weddings! Take Two!
Weddings! Take Two!
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Wedding and Bridal Showers Gifts for a Second Wedding!

Etiquette states that the giving of gifts for a second wedding is not mandatory. However if the marriage is the first time around for one of the partners it is either way. In the past the tradition of wedding gifts came of wanting to help the couple set up their new home.  With that in mind the presumption is that the couple will not need any of these gifts second time around. Most guests feel uncomfortable attending a wedding without giving a wedding gift. The bride and groom should consider setting up a bridal registry filled with fun items such as artwork, leisure equipment or even bottles of wine. Great ideas also are gift certificates or donations towards the green planet, offsetting carbon footprints, foster parenting or such.                                                            

It is unusual for a bridal shower to be thrown for a second wedding, mainly for the same reasons as the gift giving. But friends will probably throw one anyway of an unusual theme such as a ‘bring a bottle’ party, where each guest brings a bottle of wine, champagne or liquor. Some couples to be will set up a Jack and Jill or Buck and Doe party where all can celebrate together.

Who Pays for a Second Wedding?

It is usual for the ‘couple to be’ to pay for the second wedding themselves. The couple planning a second wedding should never expect the parents to chip in any or all of the costs. Mind you if they were to offer, the couple may accept graciously!