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Getting ready to move in

Getting ready to decorate
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Now that the weather has been warmer, many of you may be thinking about either moving or making some huge decorating changes. If you're taking an inventory of what you already have that you could use to liven up your place, maybe you're also thinking about some expensive remodeling. Wearing a retro outfit or a brand new dress from Shabby Apple may help. They're priced like a Calvin Klein sale dress or something from Lauren's latest collection, after it is marked down. Wearing something from one of those collections, you might just be in the mood to contemplate some reasonable decorating changes, subtle or extreme. You might find what you need either in Chicago or shipped from a new travel destination.

Look at what our model is up to. Now that it's spring, she has decided to wear one of her latest combinations, for a new outfit, including jewelry and matching new shoes, finding that it puts her in the mood to do a few finishing touches to her decorating at her new place. You might do something similar, if you've just moved this spring and are contemplating a major overhaul of your existing pictures, for example, whether you want to get new frames or new pictures at the latest new art boutique.

You might want to lounge around in jeans made of Silver Jeans' newest fabric innovation, with a denim and sweats feel, if we get a cooler day, after you take another peek at their new Schaumburg store. Or, you might want to wear one of you're new tried and true outfits with new accessories after you've done some serious necklace and shoe shopping. Either way, as you dress up or dress down, you're probably getting ready to make some purchases. With something new, you can get a feel for some new decorating colors, like pastels instead of mustard yellow and ketchup red for some retro looks. Ladies are wearing dresses more often this year and the fashions in Chicago are full of new dresses that might help you to achieve the right retro look or something new to put you in that decorating mood.

So, enjoy any new clothes you may have found, whether you're a decorator looking for new clients or are looking for something chic for a classic look for an old and established client. It won't be long before you inspire one of your special people. You may have a chance to fix up something that has been in serious need of decorating for years, inspired by a new outfit. Or, if you prefer and have some new decorating ideas where you need to save money without cutting corners, there are still many great buys out there, either at second hand shops or in the sale racks at the usual department stores. You might even find something new at Chicago's Old Navy if you haven't been there recently. Happy decorating, contemplating some new fashion looks!!

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