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Getting ready for that interview

Choosing the right outfit to interview
Choosing the right outfit to interview
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Have you put on the outfit that you thought would pass muster only to be told by a friend or relative that the look is all wrong for an upcoming interwiew? Maybe you instantly decided to take the advice to find something more in line with your objective for the Chicagoland area. If that happened to you, did you immediately go through your wardrobe and end up borrowing something from your roommate such as the outfit in the photo? If you did that, kudos to you for seizing the moment to coordinate the outfit!!

Perhaps your dream is to work in a bank, overseeing investment transactions connected to stock market performance. Or even more ambitious then that, you might be hoping to snag a job that is entry level at a more prestigious department in which decisions are made about how to reinvest dividends. If that's not the case, could it be that you're practicing making calculations that will help you to quickly decide whether to offer a client a bigger mortgage as a mortgage broker? It could be that you're interviewing for a promotion in that department and need just the right look. Those are just examples of some possibilities of job opportunities that you might be shooting for in Chicago with connections to the east or west coast, at the very least.

In these and other situations, looking for the best outfit might mean borrowing a smashing sweater to match a shirt or other top that you found in a shopping spree with your sister or friend. Did she bring over a couple of articles of clothing to help you figure out what to wear to that interview for which you are preparing? Maybe she figured that if you got better work, the opportunities might trickle or stream down at a faster pace for her, too, if the company is big enough and you're successful in getting the new job. If you recognized that she has a good fashion sense, it could be that you embraced her efforts, changing your planned ensemble.

If you interviewed and things went well, it would be a good idea to use the advice you got to create some other ensembles that you can wear on other occasions such as the one for the interviewing experience you just had. In the Chicago area, as in other places, where job opportunities can be unpredictable, finding a position could be what you successfully did partly through your friend's or sister's expertise. Don't hesitate to revamp your wardrobe a little, trading separates or even helping your significant other. You won't be sorry!!!