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Getting ready for a new you this new year

Lemurian Healing Crystal
Lemurian Healing Crystal
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Every New Year folks make all sorts of promises to themselves ranging from losing weight to getting rich and everything in between. You just might be one of these people. Statistics show that most people give up and give in to the old way of being and doing within the first few months of the new year resolutions. It's just easier feeling to go back to doing things the way you've always done them even though you get the same unwanted results.

This year take another perspective on it. Rather than placing your focus on doing things differently shift to Being Different. This is real power for change and transformation. You know that you are the creative force behind your life experiences. You've read the books and seen the movies about law of attraction, power of intentions and the value of feeling good. You know these things intellectually. This year Be these things.

Our society places a lot of emphasis on knowledge, acting as though knowledge alone with swoop you into a new experience all by itself. Knowledge is potential power, it requires someone to use it in order for it to provide any changes. You are the addition to knowledge that is needed in order for things to change. Let's say you want to experience more happiness in the coming new year. You resolve to be happier. How do you use the information in all the books and articles to accomplish this?

The answer is very simple. You choose over and over again to BE Happiness. That's right, it's a choice. Sometimes you have to decide it moment by moment until it becomes a habit. Happy is easy, it's a matter of thinking thoughts, watching movies, reading books and interacting in conversations that feel good. None of these outside things are the cause of happiness but they do help you to stay in focus on your choice to BE happiness.

By deciding to be a new you this new year you take the power back rather than placing it outside yourself. You are the one with the tools to make changes in your own self, always showing forth a Higher Expression of yourself with each choice.

The new year brings about the energy of hope for change, this year.. BE that Change. Change you, create yourself in a new image.

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