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Getting prepared for the fleas season in your dogs

Ahh! What a refreshing bath!! Bugs, bugs, go away!!
Ahh! What a refreshing bath!! Bugs, bugs, go away!! Hagar Hope for Paws

After the long, treacherous winter that most of us have endured, Spring and Summer is a welcome change. However, of course, with these glorious changes of beautiful weather, we also have to deal with all the unwelcome guests and pests that comes with the changing seasons. A nasty pest for most pet owners is the flea. Most people who have pets have gone to battle with this tiny menace. Your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home can always advise you on the best way to avoid or treat these wee nuisance on your pet.

The flea is a small, brown wingless bug that pierces your pet's skin in order to siphon blood from it. As the insect bites your pet, it injects a little saliva into the skin as a way to prevent blood coagulation. Fleas are more than just a nuisance to your dog and can contribute to skin problems resulting from the excessive biting and scratching. Sometimes dogs that are sensitive can be highly allergic to the flea bite and lead to flea allergy dermatitis. Such condition would need medical intervention by your doctor.

In rare situations, dogs can have fleas without showing any signs of the little pest. However, in most instances, you dog will show discomfort by scratching, biting, loss of hair and rashes or hives that can be raw and gooey. This types of sores will cause a loss of hair, redness, scaling and sometimes develop into a bacterial infection.

Sometimes it is difficult to note the flea on your pet. You may actually see flea dirt before actually seeing the little pest. Fleas dirt looks like coarsely ground pepper that turns a reddish brown when moistened. With homes containing multiple pets, you can bet all the animals will be affected. One single flea can lead to many others including larva, pupa and flea eggs on the pets and in the home.

Another indication of fleas is finding tapeworms in your pet's stool. This is usually the result of your dog ingesting a adult flea containing tapeworm eggs while self-grooming. The tapeworm grows to maturity in the small intestine and can take less than a month. Fleas in animals, especially young ones can lead to anemia. Check your pet for fleas by checking all optimum areas like around the eyes, ears, under arms and rectal area. Brush your pets fur with your hand in a backward motion, against the growth of the hair and you will note those little guys scurrying for cover. Get your pet and home treated immediately.

The best option is prevention. As soon as weather breaks from the frigid cold to pleasant, it is time to treat your pet with preventable medications. There are many oral and topical options which you can discuss with your veterinarian. Some of the most popular options are Frontline, Capstar, Revolution, Advantage and Frontline Plus. Flea collars are available but not always the most effective.

The treatment option you choose will depend on your pet, its sensitivity to certain items, life-style and potential for exposure. In high-risk woodsy areas, it is best to choose a product that has a multiple purpose of flea and tick prevention. Get your pet treated with prevention immediately and save it from discomfort, not to mention the need to treat your whole home.

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