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Getting Passed over because of your looks...

Imagine you are the perfect candidate for a job. You have more experience than anyone else by five years. You go through the interview process. You talk to the owner. You talk to the investor. You talk with all the people you would be working with on a daily basis.

All the conversation goes as you knew it would. Your experience lets you easily answer any question they ask. You can even see holes in the strategy that they want to move forward with. You are even nice enough to correct them and not give it a second thought.

Because you've been on the "interview circuit" for a bit of time, there might be some reasons for hesitation. But, you have a friend who is also a friend of someone you'd be working with.

Of course you ask for feedback.

After a bit of waiting, you finally hear what they are thinking:

"They were blown away by your experience, but were a little concerned about facing clients."

This from someone who ran an entire department and met with clients on a face to face manner for eight years.

Yet, that was the reason why they chose not to make you an offer. It's an agency world, and for as much as we like to think that looks don't matter, in this case, they did.

It's like being Milton from the cult classic film "Office Space", except in this case, you actually have skills to provide value to a company.

To boot, the reason for your current looks were due to some needed surgery to remove some tumors. It's something that just sucks, but's a reality we live in.

If you choose to ignore this practice still happens, well then you are more naive than I was.

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