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Getting paid to exercise with Nexercise

Nexercise rewards you for working out.
photo by Ryan D. Neely

Exercising is fun and rewarding. However, would you like to be rewarded with more than good looks and a longer life expectancy? If so, the Nexercise app and its partnership with mPOINTS may be the solution to your wish.

mPOINTS program

The mPOINTS reward sponsorship is a loyalty program located on many of the top mobile apps. Users can earn mPOINTS for doing the things they do consistently within these apps on a daily basis.


Nexercise is an app founded by Benjamin Young and Greg Coleman. It can be downloaded from the Goggle Play store and iTunes app store markets.

The app rewards its users with mPOINTS for completing tasks coined as achievements. Achievements are rewarded for various acts such as tapping in, exercising, sharing activities, and viewing peer activities.

Tapping in

For clicking into the app, a user can earn an achievements. Additional tap achievements are earned for clicking into the app seven days in a row as well as clicking in form the app's widget.


Exercising is the most common and fastest way to build achievements. For completing workouts, completing different workouts, working out daily, and working out seven days in a row you can rack up multiple achievements.


If you like social networking, now you have something else you can share. After completing exercises, your completed workout can be shared via Facebook, Google+, email, or SMS.

Friends welcomed

Nexercise encourages you to invite your friends to workout and link up with you on the app. By viewing at least three of their profiles a day, you can receive an additional achievement.

Also, the app encourages exercise accountability. You are notified whenever a friend exercises and if you have not exercised at all.

Accumulate and cash in

Once you have stacked up your achievements for the day, you can click on the gift box for points accumulation totals and bonuses. A user can earn anywhere from 165 points or more on Nexercise through achievements per day.

The mPOINTS rewards program is always running special promotions where users can watch videos, click ads, and download apps for additional points. Therefore, as users click each achievement to redeem points, they may continually accumulate more through bonus offers.

On average, I accumulate at least 400 mPOINTS or more through Nexercise on a daily basis. After approximately ten days of consistent exercising, my achievement totals and mPOINTS accumulations are enough for free gift card redemptions. In summary, it pays to exercise with Nexercise.

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